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I've had an old, broken down computer which had photoshop on it.  The computer was very low quality, and the motherboard had very limited functionality - I did get a new computer, but only now have I managed to get photoshop.  From today on, I will make an effort to post more art.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


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... Em, god dag.  Uh... jeg heter, um, Sindre Krag

 photo 234px-Hammerfest_-_kommunevaringpensvg_zps75775545.png

En hvit isbjørn i rødt


Name: Sindre Kraggerud

Gender: Male

Age: Appears 16

Relationship Status: Single

Hair Colour: Golden Blond

Eye Colour: Ice Blue

History of Hammerfest

The Municipality of Hammerfest was nothing but a mere arctic hunting and fishing settlement before it was given market town rights by the royal decree of Christian VII of Denmark-Norway in 1789. The numerous Stone Age grave sites uncovered in Hammerfest signify the importance this location had to the indigenous peoples that had inhabited this region for millennia. Furthermore, Hammerfest had received its first church later than most of Norway, for the first church was built in 1684, namely the Hammerfest Church. At the time, the small settlement had a population of around 60. Thus far, Hammerfest is the oldest city in northern Norway.

Before receiving the royal decree, Hammerfest was already a significant trading port for northern trade routes. In 1764, Russia starts shipping grain to the port, instigating the so-called "Pomor Trade." Therefore, Russia and Hammerfest share a long history of trade and relations.

Duly after receiving town status, Hammerfest had undergone more adversities than developments. Some developments include the first doctor arriving in the city in 1792, the establishment of the municipality in 1838, and the first fire-fighter employed in 1839. However, from 1800-1814, the city was battered by several plagues. Within the same time range, the British had been a major invading force. In 1809, the city was robbed by two British frigates. The British blockade installed during the Napoleonic Wars led to devastating food shortages.


The Kingdom of Denmark-Norway was compelled to fight on the side of Napoleon and France after Great Britain attacked. As Hammerfest was a major centre of commerce and transportation in Western Finnmark, the Royal Navy evidently targeted this city. As aforementioned, this city was a victim of the Royal Navy's blockading warships. The local merchants, obviously concerned about the welfare of the city, requested that four six-pound cannons be transported from the central armoury to Hammerfest. A 50 man coastal militia was subsequently formed to defend the city. The officer corps of the militia mostly consisted of merchants, while Sea Samis and Kvens were assigned as gun crews and soldiers.

The aforesaid frigates, Snake and Fancy, approached the town on July 22, 1809. The town's four cannons had a shockingly intense battle with the two British vessels, which had, in total, 32 cannons armed. The battle had not ended until the Norwegians ran out of gunpowder. After 90 minutes of combat, the populace was able to escape with most of the city's valuables, but the vessels stayed in the port for 8 days more. During that time, the invading sailors looted whatever they could. After the attack, the city became a fortified garrison town, with a small flotilla of cannon-armed rowing boats, and some regular troops.

After the Napoleonic Wars, the city experienced a few more developments. The Fuglenes Lighthouse was constructed in 1859. In 1868, the first water plant was built. In 1870, a telegraph station which all of Finnmark used, was also built. However, Hammerfest was flattened by a hurricane in 1856. Later on, a calamitous fire, which started as a little flame in a local bakery, burnt two-thirds of the city down. However, the city rebuilt as quickly as it had burnt down, being the first town in Norway and Northern Europe to have electric street lights. The electric street lights were introduced by a local merchant who saw it employed in a fair in Paris.


After the German occupation of Norway in 1940, Hammerfest's harbour was used as a base for the German Navy. Hammerfest's importance increased drastically after the Nazi invasion of the USSR in 1941. The Germans installed three coastal batteries in and around Hammerfest. Throughout the occupation, Hammerfest was essential as a central supply base for German U-boats that attacked Allied supply convoys to Russia. The occupiers fortified their vicegrip on the city by installing around 4000 landmines and many anti-aircraft guns. Many locals were kicked out of their homes to accommodate 400 to 500 Wehrmacht troops who were in need of living quarters.

The Soviet Air Forces bombed Hammerfest twice, the first on February 14, 1944, with little damage. On August 29, 1944, Hammerfest was bombed once more, with more significant damage to buildings and infrastructure. The two ships lost were the local transports Tanahorn and Brynilen.

Due to extensive Red Air Force raids, the Germans were no longer able to transport troops further east following the Petsamo-Kirkenes Operations. Therefore, in the autumn of 1944, Hammerfest became their vital shipping port, as the Nazis were forced out of Finland and back into Norway. This was the first stepping stone of the long German retreat, and forced evacuation of the population.

After successful Soviet occupation of Kirkenes on October 25, 1944, Hitler ordered total destruction of Finnmark. The retreating Nazis looted the city and burnt it all to the ground. The complete obliteration of Hammerfest was finished on February 10, 1945. Everything was destroyed,except for the graveyard chapel.

In 1944 there were 11,000 houses, 4,700 cow sheds, 106 schools, 27 churches, and 21 hospitals burnt. Also, 22,000 communications lines were destroyed, roads were blown up, boats sunk, animals killed, and 1,000 orphaned. When the destruction was complete, more than 70,000 - the county's entire population - were left homeless.

A lot of the civilians attempted to save valuables by burying them in the ground before they were evacuated. Some belongings were found, including two red sil upholstered armchairs, and also a child's christening gown decorated with lace swastikas. Such gowns were worn by children born to a Norwegian woman and a Nazi soldier.

Despite death threats, at least 25,000 people from Finnmark evaded the forced evacuation by hiding in caves and mountain huts during the winter of 1944-45. Notwithstanding the government's temporary ban on returning due to the land mines, the evacuees didn't wait, and in the summer of 1945, they began going home.

There still remain mines and munitions reminiscent of World War II that are being found and disposed of in Hammerfest. Over the years, the parish church has gone up in flames 5 times in total.

In 1989, Hammerfest celebrates its 200th anniversary as a municipality.

The Melkøysund Tunnel is completed in 2003, connecting Hammerfest to the island of Melkøya.

In 2007, the Snøhvit plant on Melkøya becomes operational in September. It is the biggest industrial development in Northern Norway.


 photo Hammerfest2_zpsae2e0d3f.jpg



Innately, Hammerfest can use magic. It is considered a hereditary skill from Norway. Like Norway, he has and could see mythical creatures. He has a glowing curl, which represents two things. The glow represents the Aurora Borealis that frequents this city. The curl itself symbolises the parts of two other islands that help constitute the Hammerfest Kommune (In this case, the human part of Hammerfest is the personification of Hammerfest town, which is the most metropolitan and urban area of the Hammerfest Kommune). Most of his magic is related to the Aurora Borealis.

He is Norway's younger brother. Unlike Svalbard and its regions, he was not magically created by Norway, but magically created by Norway's parents. Hammerfest, along with the other Norwegian cities, were given to Norway as a gift from his parents when he was old enough to become a nation. His parents were afraid that Norway would be lonely, so they created these young children (magically) that would follow him and become his companions. Since Norway is a nation, he made them his cities. ((This is only my view, and this in no way affects the character himself - my theory is that the cities remain infants until they are given city/town status.))

Sindre is rather stoic, as his history was stained by many undesirable events. Being a rather small city, he sometimes lives in anxiety of an incoming attack, or some other sort of calamity. He finds it hard to smile after all that's happened to him. After World War II left permanent scars on his psych and physique, Sindre keeps to himself and stays in closer proximity to his home, easing preparation should an attack ever occur. Therefore, he is not very outgoing, and speaks few words. In spite of major economic development via tourism, fish-oil processing, livestock raising, and significantly, Snøhvit projects, Hammerfest still worries about his city. Not only does Liquified Natural Gas have the potential to harm the environment in the long run, it can also be a motive for others to invade the city again - now for resources (undersea natural gas).

Hammerfest has a mostly blue-hued costume, and "Aurora-like" magic and curl because Hammerfest is one of the best places to view the Northern Lights (since it is so far up North). It is also one of the best places to witness the Midnight Sun, so his hair's a bright golden blond.

Why I made his body frame large? Hammerfest was a city that rebuilt quite quickly and well from its own debris. One of its nicknames is "The Phoenix of the Far North". It had survived wars and came back swiftly from its ashes. It was destroyed during the Napoleonic Wars, and was rebuilt to become a fortified garrison city. Later in World War II, the Nazis occupied the city, and then performed the "scorched-earth policy" during their retreat. That burned everything to bits. The civilians, due to their love of their land, worked together to recover the city. Now, Hammerfest is one of the most scenic spots in the whole world. Therefore, I imagine Sindre to be a strong and tough person (he ought to have a more muscular frame). He had witnessed many defeats and near-death situations, and he stood back up from his failure rapidly. He learnt how to rebuild, but unfortunately, his pessimism persists, as his city still remains quite vulnerable to the caprices of the world.

All the conflicts resulted in many scars on his body. Some have faded, but there are still poignant traces of evidence. Most of these scars are from burns. Arbitrarily, Hammerfest was fated to go up in flames many times in history (thus further justifying the term "Phoenix of the Far North").

Reason why I made him such a hard-working boy? Hammerfest is home one of Snøhvit's liquefied natural gas plants. This produced a large economic boom for Hammerfest, unlike other cities in Finnmark which experienced economic downfalls. It was the most expensive project in the history of Northern Norway. This plant is similar to a rig inside the ocean, except that it is not for oil. In Sindre's case, he probably is working hard to process the natural gas for Snøhvit, and not only for the company, but for everyone.

He is prone to negative emotions if you remind him of the painful experiences he had in the past.

Sindre can be oblivious. When he focusses on one thing, it is difficult for him to notice other things, and this can be a disadvantage.

At times, his first reaction is violence. This is the result of the his rugged history. The people are very protective of their residence, and so is he. He is very proud of his city and his people, and because of his over-protectiveness, he may jump to conclusions. As an added bonus, he can be impulsive as well.

Sindre is usually impassive, but it's quite easy for others to light his fuse, especially if they talk about his history and make light of it. As stated above, he would often explode after the fuse has been lighted. However, there are ways to dampen the fuse and shut off the spark.

Narrow-mindedness is also an outcome of his over-protective nature. He sometimes refuses to listen to others' opinions because he thinks his is the best for his city. The reason for that is that his "self-healing" (rebuilding of the city over his history) projects were immensely successful. Therefore, he has pride in his own work, and he may not trust others. His narrow-mindedness causes him to be overly cynical, dubious, and suspicious of others as well.

Sindre is rude. Also, he's not afraid of expressing his own opinions if they personally matter to him. Sometimes he can be delusional, but it's countered by his deducing and problem-solving skills. He doesn't do what is "politically correct", and he doesn't care about what others say about him, although opinions do matter at times. Due to that, he can be too conservative, and though his mind's set on improving, he can be unaware that his conservativeness is hindering the growth of his skills.

He can be quite selfish. Having so many things taken away from him in the past, it comes the time that he stores everything for his own, in case such situations occur once more.

He loves debating, but hates socialising. If he's that blatant, there's no way he could have had a good conversation with anyone. However, his cynicism and general snarky tone of speaking is great for debates. As said before, he can be very opinionated about things that matter to him. Consequently, debating is one of his interests. He does get over the top at times, and gets carried away during the debates. He'd most likely overreact and sulk after he realises he's wrong.

He cannot cook properly. The only thing he cares to do is to roast a fish over a fire.

He is quite unlikely to do something he doesn't like to do, even if he's forced to do it.

Sindre's favourite subjects are Science and History (Hammerfest has a museum commemorating its history, specifically World War II, and also universities with a focus on Science, especially Natural Science and Arctic studies. Statoil's investments also got him into Science. There are also some scientists from Hammerfest, ex: Kåre Berg, MD). He is also interested in music (the city has a choir and a brass band).

He overheats easily.

Sindre is slow to understand jokes and implications. He also has little sense of humour.

Due to his rough roots, he cannot draw/paint, but can play the trumpet and the saxophone (a lot of musicians from Hammerfest, especially Jazz musicians; second most to politicians). He's decent with words (some writers, but a lot of politicians from Hammerfest).


(These do not affect character design, and some were made for fun)

Original: A mostly blue-hued costume, representing the Northern Lights.

Red jacket: It shows that Hammerfest indeed belongs to Norway. This costume also accentuates the "tough person" trait of the Phoenix of the North.

Wolf suit/furs: This costume symbolises how heavy the snowfall can get in Hammerfest (which can cause a lot of avalanche problems and other issues), and how wilderness is hard to control. Sometimes reindeer get access into the city and people see them grazing on the streets. Also, the design kind of gives viewers an idea of Sindre's magical ability, since the costume looks like something from a fantasy book.

Viking: The design's not really original. Admin just based it off of traditional men's Viking costume, so it isn't designed... this symbolizes that Hammerfest does belong in a previously Viking country.

Fact: Hammerfest is one of the world's northernmost cities. It is situated near the tip of the North Cape.




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 photo AAAA_zps0acfc470.png

 photo Capture_zps311e27ac.png

Made by :iconask-city-of-houston:


France, Spain and Russia.... by Mewsol

APH stamp: Dare to steal... by PsychopathLuxray

((About admin...

Russian 3 by Faeth-design China lang4 by Faeth-design French 2 by Faeth-design BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design German: Intermediate by SovietSparkleParty))

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